WeDo 1.0

Thinking about getting into robotics for the first time?  WeDo is the perfect robotics platform for you. Simplified starting builds allow lots of time for robotics experimentation and play. This club is for students that are new to LEGO robotics.


WeDo 2.0

Take WeDo to the next level with LEGO’s newest robotics platform. Students will build their own robotic rover and wirelessly program it using bluetooth. Projects are designed to be fun and engaging while practicing science, technology, engineering, math, and coding skills.  Previous WeDo experience required.


WeDo Lego Robotics Club in Helena at ExplorationWorks!

NXT Robotics Club at ExploationWorks

Intro to NXT

NXT robots are found today in schools and competitions, on YouTube, and with hobbyists and artists of all ages.  Learn to manage the basics of building and programming these bots – including ultrasonic, light, and sound sensors – and you can become a part of the techno-wave of the future.


NXT Advanced

Want to teach an  old bot new tricks? Take LEGO’s NXT to the next level! Program your way through challenges and competitions using light, sound, color and motion. Champion your skills in Battle of the Bots; keep inside the ring and yours could be the next Sumo Bot winner!


LEGO NXT robotics club in Helena, MT



Already experienced in robotics and want to try something new and exciting? Why not try EV3? EV3 is more powerful and complex than NXT, allowing for advanced builds and sensors. Interactive servo motors with built-in rotation sensors along with color sensor, gyro sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and touch sensors prepare roboticits for a whole new skill set.



Let’s take Robotics to the next level! Each pair of students will build a heavy duty aluminum chassis and robotic arm, then learn how to use Java and WiFi to control it. This gives roboticists a chance to understand the control systems used by real­world computer scientists and by programmers in the competitive high school league. Previous robotics experience not required but is strongly recommended.

Offered during Summer!

tetrix robotics club in helena, mt